About City Living Schøller Hotel & Apartments, Trondheim







Dronningens gate 26, 7011 Trondheim
Telephone: +47 73 87 08 00

About the hotel
The hotel is buildt in one of the old brick buidings in Trondheim rised in the 1880's. It's named after Mrs. Schøller (Cecilie Christine Schøller), who was responsible for the building of Stiftsgården. City Living opened in 1990 after a major reconstruction, but there has been different hospitality businesses in on the adress since the 1950's. The hotel has 50 rooms spread throughout four floors. The reception is situated on the ground floor.

50 meters away, you will find a grocery store (Bunnpris), so shopping can be done quick and easy. There is also a 7-Eleven (open 24 hrs) at the same distance. Nearest shopping center is Trondheim Torg, just 300 meters away. In the surrounding streets you will find a wide selection of cafees, restaurants and bars.


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